How the UK holiday trend has come full circle

The way we holiday is changing again with many families opting to enjoy a “staycation” and discover the wonderful experiences waiting on their doorsteps.
Travelling has always been an integral part of our lives and leisure time. Although the way we holiday and the destinations we choose have changed a lot throughout the generations, attitudes towards the importance of the family holiday has changed very little.


In the days before cheap airfare and package deals, most British families opted for domestic breaks within the UK. These were often cheap, easy to plan and involved a lot less hassle than heading overseas – and they gave us the freedom to visit more places in a shorter amount of time.


However, since the introduction of budget airlines, all-inclusive resorts and large developments in technology, the world has become a much smaller place for many people and international travel has become as easy as staying at home.


Before the recession hit, a record number of Brits were jet-setting to locations far and wide, exploring the world with no limits. This economic downturn had a huge effect on travel with many people struggling to make ends meet, working more hours and being unable to have a good life to work balance.


However, this situation doesn’t mean that we have stopped taking holidays – only that the way we take them is morphing once again. Mini-breaks and weekends away have made a welcome come back with many of us opting for short breaks within the UK to escape the working week without taking time away from the office, or rushing to get the airport on a Friday evening.


The simplicity and nostalgia of taking a holiday in the UK is attracting more and more people, from parents who wish to show their children what holidays were like when they were young to young people looking to explore something outside of the large cities where they now live and work – and what better way to take a break than to explore the great British countryside?